Advanced SQL Injection – Using Manual SQL Queries

Understand SQL Injection in one of the easiest way through demonstration on manual exploitation along with the concepts of logic gates and google dorks.


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Training Mode 

Recorded Series


2 HRS (Approx.)


Course Overview


The more you learn to exploit vulnerability manually, the better you build yourself for Cyber Security industry. In manual process of exploiting vulnerability, along with the way to exploit, you will also observe by yourself the logic behind why such exploitation is turning out (the main reason behind any security misconfiguration), what kind of process is running on the backend side and how I can repair it (i.e., patching the vulnerability). This is the point where your kind-self will transform to be a Cyber Security Professional in true sense.

In this nano journey of manually exploiting SQL Injection, candidates will go through –

  • a brief understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL) and its working
  • working of SQL Injection through graphical representation
  • authentication bypass
  • step by step real-time recorded demonstrations of manually exploiting SQL Injection under different structured query languages
  • ways to bypass the Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Salient Features

Exciting Bonus


  • What is SQL Injection?
  • Request & Response under Normal Scenario vs. Attack Scenario
  • Impact of SQL Injection
  • Authentication – Meaning & Working
  • SQL – Meaning & Basics
  • Logic Gates – Introduction & Understanding
  • Understanding Authentication Bypass
  • Google Dorks for Authentication Bypass
  • Real-Time Recorded Demonstrations
  • Authentication Bypass: Cheat Sheet
  • Preventive Measures for Authentication Bypass
  • Introduction to MySQL Injection
  • Integer Based SQL Injection – Manual Exploitation with Demonstration
  • String Based SQL Injection – Manual Exploitation with Demonstration
  • Introduction to MSSQL Injection (Error Based Injection)
  • Manual Exploitation of MSSQL with Demonstration
  • Introduction to Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Understanding Detection Scenario of WAF
  • Ways to Bypass WAF
  • Manual Exploitation of WAF with Demonstrations
  • Course Complication Certificate