Bug Bounty Roadmap – Complete Guide to Get Started

Wondering from where to start with Bug Bounty? No Worries, you have come across the right course which covers bug bounty platforms for beginners, a correct way to understand bug bounty program, calculation of CVSS score and much more


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1.5 HRS (Approx)


Course Overview


Roadmap to get started with Bug Bounty will not only make you learn how to earn bounties but it will first make you understand the entire scenario of the Bug Bounty community.

With this course you will learn –

  • a kind of mindset one should keep before entering the Bug Bounty community
  • get to know types of platforms exists for Bug Bounty and from where to initiate with
  • briefing about some of the Bug Bounty platforms
  • how to understand the Scope, Program Rules, Disclosure Policy and such other things relating to Bug Bounty Program
  • how to search for Private Bug Bounty Programs and finally a sure-fire tips that will be really helpful to get you started like a pro to hunt for the bugs

At last, you will also get engaged with the art of report making on bugs found. A clean, detailed and understandable report is one of the most demanding artefacts of every client in today’s industry.

Salient Features

Exciting Bonus


  • Positive Approach to Start with Bug Hunting
  • Open Bug Bounty Program
  • Closed Bug Bounty Program
  • Public Bug Bounty Program
  • Private Bug Bounty Program
  • Disclosure Policy
  • Rules
  • Scope
  • Out of Scope Vulnerabilities
  • How to select Bug Bounty Program
  • Report Writing Basics
  • How to calculate CVSS Score
  • Report Structure
  • Course Complication Certificate