Wi-Fi Hacking - Better Ways to Hack Any Wi-Fi Network

Understand the Wi-Fi technology and learn the easiest way to hack Wi-Fi. 


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Recorded Series


22 Min. (Approx.)


Course Overview

Wi-Fi is such a technology and important part of everyone’s life, whether having any technical knowledge about Wi-Fi or otherwise, that it is probably impossible to imagine a day without it. From small children to adults, everyone wants to use Public Wi-Fi, Free Wi-Fi, Neighbor’s Wi-Fi or make innocent mischiefs to crack/get passwords through technical or non-technical manner and enjoys the free internet access. But such mischiefs, if used for some unlawful and illegal purpose may lead to harm anyone’s privacy.

Wi-Fi Hacking is such a course that will make candidates learn to crack wi-fi passwords with the intention to use this skill for ethical, professional and legitimate purpose only. This course includes introductory understanding of Wi-Fi, current wireless protocols, real time recorded demonstration on Wi-Fi Hacking, commands to download, install and run the tools used in Wi-Fi Hacking.

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  • Basics of Wi-Fi Technology
  • Wireless Protocols
  • Traditional Way to Hack Wi-Fi
  • Modern Way to Hack Wi-Fi
  • Real-time Recorded Demonstrations of Wi-Fi Hacking
  • Course Complication Certificate